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Comparison of models

Model: Case: BIOS: Hardware: Board model number: Region: A/V Direct Out: Parallel Port: Serial Port: Notes:
SCPH-1000 Original (Grey) Unknown (1994-09-22) Rev. A/B PU-7 NTSC-J yes yes FMV skipping issues. S-Video direct out.
SCPH-1001 2.2 (1995-12-04) Rev. B/C PU-8, PU-7 (early) NTSC-U/C FMV skipping issues.
Based on the SCPH-3000 series.
SCPH-1002 2.0 (1995-05-10) PU-8, PU-7 (very early?) PAL
2.1 (1995-07-17)
2.2 (1995-12-04)
SCPH-3000 1.1 (1995-01-22) Rev. B PU-8, PU-7 (very early) NTSC-J FMV skipping issues. 2 controllers included for SCPH-3500.
SCPH-3500 2.1 (1995-07-17)
SCPH-5000 2.2 (1995-12-04) Rev. C PU-8
SCPH-5001 3.0 (1996-11-18) PU-18 NTSC-U/C no CD-ROM drive re-located on right side of CD bay. Digital servo for focus/tracking introduced, manual gain/bias calibration removed.
Lens carriage reinforced and power simplified, fixing FMV skipping issues. Only revision with vibration damper under the drive.
A/V direct out and RFU power connector removed.
Motherboard PCB reduced in size.
Model numbers synchronized worldwide.

Only model capable of playing Video CD movies.
This model also has RCA plugs, like earlier PlayStation models.
SCPH-5500 3.0 (1996-09-09) NTSC-J
SCPH-5501 3.0 (1996-11-18) NTSC-U/C
SCPH-5502 3.0 (1997-01-06) PAL
SCPH-5503 3.0 (1996-11-18) NTSC-J
SCPH-5552 3.0 (1997-01-06) PAL
SCPH-5903 Original (White) 2.2 (1995-12-04) PU-16 NTSC-J yes
SCPH-7000 Original (Grey) 4.0 (1997-08-18) PU-20, PU-18 (early) no DualShock now standard.
Introduction of Sound Scope.
Major manufacturing cost reductions took place from this model onwards.
The number of memory chips and CD-ROM controllers were reduced, other components were simplified, especially on SCPH-750x.

SCPH-7000, SCPH-7001, and SCPH-7002:
Available in midnight blue as promotional item to celebrate the 10 millionth PlayStation sold.
SCPH-7001 4.1 (1997-12-16) NTSC-U/C
SCPH-7002 4.1 (1997-12-16) PAL
SCPH-7003 3.0 (1996-11-18) NTSC-J
SCPH-7500 4.1 (1997-12-16) PU-22
SCPH-7501 4.1 (1997-12-16) PU-22, PU-18 (early) NTSC-U/C
SCPH-7502 PU-22 PAL
SCPH-9000 4.0 (1997-08-18) PU-23, PU-22 (early) no rowspan="4" yes Parallel port removed (hidden under case on earlier 9000 units, completely removed on later 9000 models).
Motherboard PCB reduced in size.
SCPH-9001 4.1 (1997-12-16) NTSC-U/C
SCPH-9003 4.1 (1997-12-16) NTSC-J
SCPH-100 PS one (White) 4.3 (2000-03-11) PM-41, PM-41 (A), PM-41 (2) (A) no Redesigned smaller case.
Controller and memory card ports integrated onto motherboard.
Serial port removed.
Has external power supply.
SCPH-101 4.5 (2000-05-25) NTSC-U/C
SCPH-102 4.4 (2000-03-24) PAL
4.5 (2000-05-25)
SCPH-103 4.6 (Unknown) NTSC-J

Specialty models

Model: Case: BIOS: Hardware: Region: CD-R copies: Notes*:
DTL-H1000 Original (Blue) Unknown (22/09/94) Rev. A NTSC-J rowspan="11" Template:Yes S-Video direct out. Debugger.
DTL-H1000, DTL-H1001, DTL-H1002:
Contains printf bugs.
DTL-H1000H Original (Grey) 1.1 (22/01/95) Rev. B S-Video direct out.
DTL-H1001 Original (Blue) 2.0 (07/05/95) NTSC-U/C
DTL-H1001H Original (Grey) Unknown (Unknown)
DTL-H1002 Original (Blue) 2.0 (10/05/95) PAL
DTL-H1100 2.2 (06/03/96) NTSC-J Has external power supply.
DTL-H1101 2.1 (17/07/95) NTSC-U/C
DTL-H1200 Original (Green) 2.2 (04/12/95) Rev. C NTSC-J
DTL-H3000 Original (Black) 2.2 (04/12/95) NTSC-J rowspan="3" Template:No Net Yaroze hobbyist development system.

*All models feature A/V Direct Out, Parallel Port and Serial Port; none feature Sound Scope
*All models use a low-quality CD drive.
*All models (except those with later Japanese boot ROM) can boot software with any region code.

Region codes

The last digit of the PlayStation model number denotes the region in which it was sold:

  • 0 is Japan (Japanese boot ROM, NTSC:J region, NTSC Video, 100 V PSU)
  • 1 is USA/Canada (English boot ROM, NTSC:U/C region, NTSC Video, 110 V PSU)
  • 2 is Europe/Australia/PAL region (English boot ROM, PAL region, PAL Video, 220-240 V PSU)
  • 3 is Asia (English boot ROM, NTSC:J region, NTSC video, Wide range 110-240 V PSU)

Quality of construction

The first batch of PlayStations used a KSM-440AAM laser unit whose case and all movable parts were completely made out of plastic. Over time, friction caused the plastic tray to wear out—usually unevenly. The placement of the laser unit close to the power supply accelerated wear because of the additional heat, which made the plastic even more vulnerable to friction. Eventually, the tray would become so worn that the laser no longer pointed directly at the CD and games would no longer load. Sony first addressed the problem by making the tray out of die-cast metal, and additionally also placed the laser unit farther away from the power supply on later models of the PlayStation.

Some units, particularly the early 100x models, would be unable to play FMV or music correctly, resulting in skipping or freezing. In more extreme cases the PlayStation would only work correctly when turned onto its side or upside down.