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The PSX has an updatable firmware. Updates could be performed through an online service that has since been discontinued, or - alternatively - via update discs that were available free of charge via mail order directly from Sony Japan until early 2014.

The first generation PSX (DESR-5000/7000/5100/7100) consoles run a different/incompatible firmware (ver. 1.xx) than the second generation PSX (DESR-5500/7500/5700/7700) (ver. 2.xx).
For further details and changelogs, see PSX Firmware changelog.

Three update discs have been released for the first generation PSX (DESR-5000/7000/5100/7100):

  • 1.10 (PSXC-00201) (February 5th 2004)
  • 1.20 (PSXC-00202) (March 31st 2004)
  • 1.31 (PSXC-00203) (August 3rd 2004)

One update disc has been released for the second generation PSX (DESR-5500/7500/5700/7700):

  • 2.11 (PSXC-00204) (May 17th 2005)

There were other firmware versions, as each generation of PSX had it's own launch-firmware that was only available preinstalled on the respective models.