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PS2 uses either a dedicated Ricoh RS5C348A RTC (these consoles have a separate Rohm BR9080F EEPROM) or a combined EEPROM+RTC IC (Rohm BU9861FV-WE2). GH-001 to GH-014 and GH-016 always have separate ICs, GH-015 can have either, GH-017 to GH-022 always have the combined IC. On consoles with a Dragon-MechaCon (GH-023 and any later board), a combined EEPROM+RTC IC die is inside the chip case of MechaCon itself.

Separate EEPROM (left) and RTC (right) on GH-001. Combined EEPROM+RTC (with alternate pads for separate ICs) on GH-015.