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Sound processor of the PS2. Is connected to or contains (depending on revision) 2 MB of EDO-RAM.


  • CXD2942R (GH-001, GH-003, GH-008)
  • CXD2942AR (GH-004, GH-005, GH-006, GH-007, GH-010, GH-012, GH-013, GH-014)
  • CXD2942BR (GH-010, GH-012, GH-013, GH-014)
  • CXD2950R (GH-015)
  • CXD2947R (GH-017, GH-019, GH-022, GH-023, GH-036, GH-037, GH-040, GH-041, GH-051, GH-052, XPD-001, XPD-005)
    • SPU2-RAM moved into SPU2 itself; no external SPU2-RAM
  • CXD2955R (GH-026, GH-027, GH-029, GH-032, GH-035)

Starting with GH-026, the SSBUS controller and the SPU2 were combined into a single chip (CXD2955R), until the SSBUS controller functionality ultimately became obsolete with the introduction of the L-chassis (SCPH-75XXX, GH-036 and newer), hence the move back to CXD2947R on GH-036 and newer.

Starting with GH-061, the SPU2 was integrated into the new main SoC (CXD2976GB) and does not exist as a dedicated IC anymore.