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Syscon handles power, power-LEDs, tray loading (in conjunction with MechaCon, which actually controls the tray and the blue LED), front buttons and some thermal management.

It only exists on consoles up to the SCPH-39XXX series (GH-022 board). After that, it's functionality was overtaken by the new Dragon-MechaCon.

On B/B'/C/C' chassis consoles, it's located on a daughter board (GD-011 for B-chassis, GD-012 for B'-chassis, GD-013 for C and C' chassis), together with RTC, EEPROM, clock battery and part of the voltage regulation circuitry.


Syscon is always a Toshiba TMP87C807U. It has a Mask-ROM of 8 Kilobytes (8 K x 8 bits) and a RAM of 256 Bytes (256 x 8 bits).

Pictured above is a SysCon with firmware 2C64 on a GH-015 board.

Firmware revisions[edit]

What about GH-008 and GH-016?

  • 1G78 (GH-001, GH-003) (A/A+ chassis)
  • 1V33 (GD-011, GD-012) (B/B' chassis)
  • 2A69 (GD-013, GH-010, GH-012, GH-013, GH-014) (C/C'/D/D' chassis)
  • 2C64 (GH-015, GH-017, GH-019, GH-022) (F/G chassis)