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Bundled with SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 consoles in Japan. These consoles don't have the DVD player in ROM, so this disc must be used to install it onto a memory card. For that reason, a memory card came bundled with these consoles as well. Besides this, the Disc contains some PS2 usage instructions and a demo video. Starting from SCPH-18000 and later as well as all consoles released outside japan, the DVD player was preinstalled in ROM, hence rendering this Disc mostly useless.

  • Utility Disc 1.00
    • Bundled with early SCPH-10000 units in Japan. The DVD player install function only works on SCPH-10000 units that came with Utility Disc 1.00. Units that came with 1.01 will fail the installation, as will all later models of PS2.
    • Installing 1.00 onto a memory card through a console that supports it and trying to use this memory card in another console that does not support 1.00 won't work either as the DVD Player 1.00 has been blacklisted entirely on later units.
    • The DVD Player 1.00 installed by this disc has a method of bypassing the region code check on DVD Video. This way, it is possible play DVDs from any region as long as they contain 60 Hz video.
  • Utility Disc 1.01
    • Bundled with late SCPH-10000 units and all SCPH-15000 units. Was also available as a free mail-order update for owners of the 1.00 disc, which had to send in their 1.00 disc to receive the free update.
    • Partially fixes the region check bypass.
    • Can install DVD Player 1.01 on any SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 unit.