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Empowered by two key semiconductors ( EmotionEngine and Graphics Synthesizer), CPU and graphics rendering processor used for PlayStation 2, PSX has realized a high-speed high-definition GUI (Graphical User Interface), the likes of which have never been experienced before. This first-of-a-kind GUI enables speedy and easy access of various content to be enjoyed on PSX, with the same level easiness as switching TV channels with a remote control.

PSX is also equipped with various features as a digital media player, providing storage and playback of a variety of entertainment content such as high-resolution, mega-pixel images from digital still cameras and music from various package media.

Since PSX is designed to run various features by firmware via a powerful hardware engine, users can upgrade or add new features later by accessing the network.


Models DESR-5000




Recording Mode HQ


CPU GPU 90nm EmotionEngine+Graphics Synthesizer
Software Engine PS2 based real time OS
Recording Format DVD-R(Video format)

DVD-RW(Video format,VR format)
DVD+RW(VR format)

Playback Format DVD-VIDEO

DVD-R(Video format)
DVD-RW(Video format, VR format)
DVD+RW(VR format)
CD-R,[Memory Stick]
"PlayStation" CD-ROM
"PlayStation 2"CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

Tuner Terrestrial analog(VHF1-12ch,UHF13-62ch,CATV13-35ch)

BS satellite analog(1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15ch)

Dubbing HDD to DVD is 12 times maximum (-R)
Video Playback Recorded program while recording on HDD
Video Editing GOP Editing

High Speed GUI

Timer EPG(G Guide)
Photo JPEG
Music ATRAC3
Game "PlayStation" software / "PlayStation 2" software
Network Ethernet 100 base/TX

(Network game, additional feature in the future)

Ports 1 D output(D1/D2)

1 Composite/S Video/Stereo sound output
1 Optical digital Audio(SPDIF)
1 Composite/S Video/Stereo sound input
1 USB(Ver. 1.1)port, 1 Memory Stick slot
2 "PlayStation" "PlayStation 2"format Memory card slots
2 "PlayStation" "PlayStation 2" format Analog controller ports

Dimension 312 x 323 x 88mm(W x H x D)
Weight Approximately 5.8kg
Accessories Remote Controller for PSX

AV cable,
antenna cable
AC cord


The PSX was released in eight retail configurations during its lifespan; the 5000 series (with an embossed logo on top and grey stripe at the back) shipped with 160 GB Hard disk drives, while the 7000 series (with a colored logo on top and black stripe at the back) contained 250 GB drives. Software updates were made available by disc and download.

The 7500/7700 models added a Ghost Reduction Tuner. The inclusion of Broadcasting Satellite (Japanese) and UHF/VHF connectors varied by model. Only the final revision of each series supported the PlayStation Portable.

Comparison of PSX systems
Model Storage Front HDD Access light i.LINK port VHF/UHF In VHF/UHF Out BS In BS Out PSP Compatible
DESR-5000 160GB HDD No No Yes No Yes No No
DESR-7000 250GB HDD No No Yes No Yes No No
DESR-5100 160GB HDD No No Yes No Yes No No
DESR-7100 250GB HDD No No Yes No Yes No No
DESR-5500 160GB HDD Yes No Yes Yes No No No
DESR-7500 250GB HDD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
DESR-5700 160GB HDD Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
DESR-7700 250GB HDD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

All models have two sets of indicator lights, power lights and Infrared receivers; one along the front for horizontal orientation, and a second strip along the top-back for vertical orientation. The 'Disk Rec' indicator is only on the front of the device in later models.

CEATEC Japan 2003

Sony showcased the PSX at Japan's CEATEC in 2013, here are images of the event:



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