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The "versions" are an unofficial way of differentiating between PS2 revisions introduced by the modding community based on aspects that are relevant for modding. Internally, Sony never used these versions; see Chassis types and Motherboards instead.

ver Asia USA(NTSC) UK/Europe/Australia(Pal)
v0 SCPH-10000 (GH-001)
SCPH-15000 (GH-003)
SCPH-15000 TI (GH-003)
SCPH-18000 (GH-008) (BIOS 010)
SCPH-18000 (GH-008) (BIOS020)
v1 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-004) (BIOS010)
v2 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-005) (BIOS020) N/A
v3 N/A SCPH-30001 (GH-006) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-006) (BIOS020) NOGAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP
SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP
SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-007) (BIOS020) GAP SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-007) (BIOS020) NOGAP
v4 SCPH-30000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP SCPH-35000 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35001 (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP
SCPH-30002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3 PACK) GAP
SCPH-35002 (Australia) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3 PACK) NOGAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP SCPH-30003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030)(GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35003 (United Kingdom) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) GAP SCPH-30004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) NOGAP
SCPH-35004 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) GAP
SCPH-35005 (Europe) (GH-010) (BIOS030) (GT3PACK) NOGAP
v5 SCPH-30000R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30005R (Korea) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30006R (Hong Kong) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30007R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
SCPH-30001R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
SCPH-30002R (Australia) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30003R (United Kingdom) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30004R (Europe) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
(Early versions had v4 board)
v6 SCPH-30006R (Hong Kong) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30007R (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30001R (GH-015) (BIOS040) SCPH-30002R (Australia) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30003R (United Kingdom) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
SCPH-30004R (Europe) (GH-015) (BIOS040)
v7 SCPH-37000 (GH-019 & GH-022) (BIOS070)
SCPH-39000 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS070/080)
SCPH-39006 (Hong Kong) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39007 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39008 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39001 (GH-019) (BIOS070)
SCPH-39001 (GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39002 (Australia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39003 (United Kingdom) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
SCPH-39004 (Europe) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS080)
v8 SCPH-39000 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39006 (Hong Kong) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39007 (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
N/A SCPH-39002 (Australia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39003 (United Kingdom) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39004 (Europe) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
SCPH-39008 (Russia) (GH-019/GH-022) (BIOS090)
v9 SCPH-50000 (GH-023) (BIOS100)
SCPH-50005 (Korea) (GH-023) (BIOS100)
SCPH-50006 (Hong Kong) (GH-023) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50007 (GH-023) (BIOS111)
SCPH-55000 (GH-023) (BIOS100) (40GB HD)
SCPH-50001 (GH-023) (BIOS100/110) SCPH-50002 (Australia) (GH-023) (BIOS 100/110)
SCPH-50003 (United Kingdom) (GH-023) (BIOS100/110)
SCPH-50004 (Europe) (GH-023) (BIOS100/110)
v10 SCPH-50000 (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50005 (Korea) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50006 (Hong Kong) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50007 (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50001 (GH-026) (BIOS111) SCPH-50002 (Australia) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50003 (United Kingdom) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
SCPH-50004 (Europe) (GH-026) (BIOS111)
v11 N/A N/A SCPH-50004A (Europe) (GH-029) (BIOS111) (new laser)
v12 PStwo SCPH-70000 (GH-035-11) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70006 (GH-035-11) (BIOS 1110A)
SCPH-70007 (GH-035-11) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70011 (GH-035-21) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70012 (GH-035-21) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70002 (Australia) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70003 (United Kingdom) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-035-61) (BIOS1110A)
v13 PStwo SCPH-70000 CB (GH-037-01) (BIOS1110A) SCPH-70001 CB (GH-032-13) (BIOS1110A D1010U) SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-032-12) (BIOS2110A D1010U)
SCPH-70004 (Europe) (GH-032-13) (BIOS2110A D1010U)
v14 PStwo SCPH-75000 CW (GH-036-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75000 SS (GH-037-12) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-032-32)
SCPH-75001 (GH-036-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-037-01) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75001 (GH-040-51) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75002 (Australia) (GH-041-14)
SCPH-75002A (Australia) (GH-041-14)
SCPH-75003 (United Kingdom) (GH-041-14) (B6120B D0020U)
SCPH-75004 (Europe) (GH-040-12/GH-041-04/GH-041-14) (B6020B D0020U)
v15 PStwo SCPH-77000 (GH-052-12) (B6130B D0020U) SCPH-77001 CB (GH-051-02) (B6130B D0020U)
SCPH-77001 CB (GH-051-51) (B6130B D0020U)
SCPH-77002 (GH-051-02)
v16 PStwo SCPH-79000 CB (GH-061-12) (B6140B D0020U) SCPH-79001A (GH-061-12) (B6140B D0020U)
SCPH-79001A (GH-061-22)
SCPH-79002 (GH-061-22)
v17 PStwo SCPH-90000 CB (GH-070-42) (B6140B D0020U)
(New: build-in with Power Supply inside the console)
N/A SCPH-90002 (Australia) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90003 (United Kingdom) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90004 (Europe) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90005 (Korea) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90008 (Russia) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90009 (Arab) (GH-070-42)
SCPH-90010 (Latin America) (GH-070-42)
v18 PStwo N/A SCPH-90001 (GH-071-42) (B6150B D0020U) SCPH-90002 (Australia) (GH-071-32/GH-071-42)
SCPH-90004 (Europe) (GH-072-42)
SCPH-90006 (Hong Kong) (GH-071-42/GH-072-42)
SCPH-90007 (Taiwan) (GH-071-42)