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This is a page for testing

Hoping cURL is woorking now...

Wonder if it is working yet?

MOARRR RAM!!!!!!!!!!!

The never ending pain of this shit not working :(

Test my testicles...

Forgive my tests, they are bound to work at some stage

If this was a DNS problem all along, I wll cry... bjbbbjjjkhkjh

And does it work now?

Will this testing eer be successful?

All the tests go round the outside, go round the outside...........

Testing pages are intended for teting purposes, in the hope that the est will someday be fruitful

I give up :/

Seems the editing of this Wiki has stopped O.o

So cURL extensions still do not work?

Ok so now show me the error please?

And how many times do I need to test in order to fix this error?


Maybe I need a new test page?