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Title IDs are a unique set of numbers used for identifications of both internal functions and applications and external sideloaded/installed from external sources (like PS Store) applications.

Internal Title IDs[edit]

  • NPXS = System Reserved
Title ID Information
NPXS40041 ★ Store Preview
NPXS20098? ★ workspace0
NPXS20097 ★ Game Hub Preview App
NPXS20993 ★ Debug Settings
NPXS40037 PS Plus
NPXS40047 PSN Store
NPXS40053 TV & Video
NPXS40054 Music Home
NPXS40056 All Apps
NPXS40063 Discover
NPXS40071 Game Library
NPXS40074 Remote Play
NPXS40075 Media Gallery
NPXS40093 Settings background animation (broke?)
NPXS40099 Share Play
NPXS40106 Playstation NOW
NPXS40139 App Library
NPXS40140 shows image of a yellow/golden disc (Error code: "Disc playback not possible")
NPXS40144 shows text "Disc not supported"
NPXS40145 shows text "Compilation" (music related?)
NPXS40148 shows text "Disc not readable"
NPXS40149 shows text "Disc in PlayStation 5 Format"
NPXS40150 shows text "Disc in PlayStation 4 Format"

Digital and physical Title IDs[edit]

ECAS & ELAS[edit]

  • Region = Asia. They seem to be interchangeable
Title ID Game
ECAS-00006 Sackboy: A Big Adventure
ECAS-00016 Returnal
ECAS-00003 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
ELAS-10162 Battlefield 2042
ELAS-10002 Just Dance 2021
ELAS-10006 Assassin's Creed Valhalla


  • Region = Japan
Title ID Game
ELJM-30022 Godfall
ELJM-30059 Aliens: Fireteam Elite
ELJM-30021 Overcooked! All You Can Eat


  • Region = North America and Europe.
  • Digital titles only use PPSA, regardless of region.
Title ID Game
PPSA-01411 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
PPSA-04609 Elden Ring
PPSA-04182 Hoa