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Ps5 uses a new 'NpTrophy V2', with a new trophy pack file to go along with it, previously on PS4/3/Vita they used "TRP" which contained PNG's and XML data, it still contains PNG, but now uses JSON to define trophies instead.

  • uds00.ucp uses the exact same format!

Data Structure[edit]

offset type description
0x00 int32 Magic Number
0x04 int32 version
0x13 int32 Number of Files
0x17 int32 Location of Table of Contents
0x20 char[0x10] HMAC?

Table of Contents[edit]

here i assume the TOC is at 0x40, because that's where it is in my sample of trophy00.ucp but technically it can be anywhere,

offset type description
0x40 char[0x10] Reserved? (only on first entry)
0x50 char[0x10] Reserved2
0x60 char[0x20] File Name
0x80 int64 (BIG ENDAIN) File Location (Absolute)
0x88 int64 (BIG ENDAIN) File Size
0x90 char[0x10] Reserved3