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Model Numbers

the NCC page for a Testing Kit for PlayStation 5 mentions a so called "CP Box" it is a black box with a USB C input, USB C output, ethernet and power cable.

There are two modes the CP Box can run in "Engineering Mode" and "Normal Mode"

In engineering mode the CP Box is simply plugged into power, with the USB-C Cable in the PS5.

Engineering mode.png

(the traditional chinese there says "Engineering Mode")

however in Normal mode, the CP Box USB-C Port is plugged into a USB-C Portable Hard Drive, and the Ethernet is plugged into your router / network hub, and the USB-C Cable into the ps5.

Normal Mode.png

The "USB Dongle" mentioned here is mentioned in another document to be a USM16CA1 which is a standard USB-C flash drive

on the front of the CP Box it says


Although its unknown at the moment exactly what the CP Box is for, possibly the ethernet connection is for checking activation online on DevNet? and the USB Hard Drive maybe for Packages? or games?

oh and the the NCC page for the DevKit makes no reference to a "CP Box"