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IDU (abbreviated from Individual Display Unit) is a mode designed for Kiosk/Demo PS5s meant to demonstrate different game demos, features, etc. usually found in game/electronic stores. On the PS4, it is automatically activated and all content is automatically transferred by using a PS4 IDU disc. This could be the same situation for the PS5, however no discs have been found/confirmed, as of today.

Kiosk PS5

Prototype Kiosk

Region Settings

Settings Menu

Status Menu

Content Unavailable screen

Kiosk PS5, with installed bundle

IDU PSN restriction



Menu Information
Select Country or Region
Select Language Multiple languages - the same ones the PS5 supports
Select Region Multiple regions - the same ones the PS5 supports
Disable Downloads ON/OFF.
Allow Game Downloads ON/OFF. Control automatic game demo downloads
Allow Video Downloads ON/OFF. Control automatic trailer downloads
Disable Attract Mode Audio ON/OFF.
Virtual Controller ON/OFF.

Status Screen

Menu Information
System Software Version Displays current installed firmware
System Hardware ID Displays console's ID, not usually shown in Settings
Client Version Displays console's IDU client version, could be something similar to PS4's OMSK
Device Name Displays device name, same found in Settings
Installed Bundle Displays bundle version, could be found on the disc
Bundle Name Displays bundle name, could be the same name as the disc


  • Seems similar to a game hub, with quick launch demos, information, icon and videos (trailer). When there is no bundle installed, a splash screen with "Content unavailable" is displayed.
  • Just like PS4, IDU mode restricts both application launching and PlayStation Network features.
  • If similar to PS4, by activating IDU Mode it will flash a value to sflash that will prevent the user to remove it if reinstalling the firmware or updating the firmware.