Secure Modules

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Filename Service Long name Description
80021000 authmgr Authentication Manager Decrypts selfs, among other operations
80021001 kms Keyring Manager Service Allows doing crypto operations.
80021002 pup Playstation Update Package Checks and decrypts PUP (Playstation UPdate) files.
80021003 pfs Playstation File System Checks, decrypts and mounts PFS partitions.
80021004 driveauth Drive Authentication Authenticate BD drive and discs.
80021005 pltauth Platform Authentication -
80021006 npdrm Playstation Network Digital Rights Management Checks if PlayStation Store contents licenses and console activation are valid and up-to-date, allowing to play digital games.
80021007 devact Device Activation Checks if Kit device activation is valid and up-to-date, allowing fSELFs to run.
80021008 qafutkn Quality Assurance Flag User Token Checks if QAF Utoken are valid and up-to-date, allowing QA features.
8002100B manu Manufacturing Mode Enables, disables Manufacturing Mode with JIG.
8002100D srtc Secure Real Time Clock Provides secure RTC over network and many ways.
8002100E rootparam Root Parameters Similar as PS4. Kit Boot Parameters.
8002100F exthdd External Hard Disk Drive Handles external HDD/SSD encryption and mounting.
80021010 cloudsd Cloud Storage Device Handles cloud storage for savedatas and maybe more.
80021011 bar Backup And Restore Utility For backup utility