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PS5 Checks for updates by sending a GET request to fus01.ps5.update.playstation.net/update/ps5/official/tJMRE80IbXnE9YuG0jzTXgKEjIMoabr6/list/us/updatelist.xml where 'us' is your consoles region, parsing it to find download links to *.PUP files

the format of updatelist.xml is the same as ps4-updatelist.xml from PS4 and psp2-updatelist.xml from psvita. the only difference now is that its not called "ps5-updatelist.xml" and sony added a random string into the url and the "offical/" folder.

Example updatelist.xml <?xml version="1.0" ?> <update_data_list> <region id="us"> <force_update> <system auto_update_version="00.00" sdk_version="" upd_version=""/> </force_update> <system_pup auto_update_version="00.00" label="" sdk_version="" upd_version=""> <update_data update_type="full"> <image size="867908608">http://dus01.ps5.update.playstation.net/update/ps5/official/tJMRE80IbXnE9YuG0jzTXgKEjIMoabr6/image/2020_1106/sys_bd1299594bb6cf31895f4873e21875b17622f4ac7f27601da1a33a1c4078c8ae/PS5UPDATE.PUP?dest=us</image> </update_data> </system_pup> </region> </update_data_list>

possible regions are: jp, us, au, uk, eu, kr, sa, tw, ru, mx, cn