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Graphics Engine (GE) is the nomenclature for PSP's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

PSP Graphics Core 1[edit]


  • 1–166 MHz (set at 111 MHz by default) @ 1.2 V
  • 256-bit Bus at 5.3 Gbit/s
  • 3D Curved Surface + 3D Polygon
  • Compressed Texture
  • Hardware Clipping, Morphing, Bone(8)
  • Hardware Tessellator
  • Bezier, B-Spline(NURBS)
  • ex 4x4, 16x16, 64x64 sub-division

PSP Graphics Core 2[edit]


  • 'Rendering Engine' + 'Surface Engine'
  • 256bit Bus, 1-166 MHz @ 1.2V
  • VRAM :2MB(eDRAM)
  • Bus Bandwidth :5.3GB/sec
  • Pixel Fill Rate :664 M pixels/sec
  • max 33 M polygon /sec(T&L)
  • 24bit Full Color:RGBA

Useful Documentation[edit]

libGU provides an interface to the 2D and 3D hardware acceleration features found in the PSP’s Graphic Engine