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M2 Dummy Adapter is a creation by Kouchan that lets PSPGo users use a microSD Memory Card instead of the official M2 Memory Card.

Product Details[edit]

  • M2 Dummy Adapter FPC for PSPgo x 1
  • Z-axis conductive tape x 3 (3 to 6 times)


  • Single-sided FPC
  • CCL (Base Film): PI (25 μm), copper foil (35 μm), adhesive (10 μm)
  • Coverlay: PI (25 μm), adhesive (30 μm)
  • Surface treatment: Gold flash
  • Reinforcing plate (M2 slot side): 0.6mm & 0.6mm (Galaepo material: 2 steps)

-Reinforcing plate (MS Pro Duo side): 0.175 mm (polyimide material)


A conversion adapter connection cable that allows up to two microSD memory cards to be recognized as M2 memory cards by connecting to a commercially available MS Pro Duo conversion adapter using the included Z-axis conductive tape.
Since the cable is a flexible cable, it can be bent and used.

The capacity actually confirmed can be used with 64GB (32GB + 32GB), but please note that we do not guarantee all operations due to problems such as compatibility with the microSD memory card and MS Pro Duo conversion adapter.


M2 Dummy Adapter1.jpg
M2 Dummy Adapter2.jpg

Where To Buy[edit]

Official Site
Japan Post(Can check if the device can be shipped to you)


  • ¥2300
  • £15
  • $21
  • 17 Euro

(Price on 19/03/2021)