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The PSP Slim is the second release of the Sony PSP.

The PSP Slim is officially known as the PSP Slim & Lite or also known as PSP-2000.

Release Dates[edit]

It was released on:

  • September 5, 2007 in Europe
  • September 6, 2007 in North America
  • September 12, 2007 in Australia

Features and changes[edit]

Some change, mainly about the size have been changed from Original PSP (Phat).

Here is a little list:

  • The Slim & Lite is 19% slimmer and 33% lighter than the Phat.
  • The ram has been upgrade to 64 MB instead of 32 for the Phat.
  • The battery is one third slimmer.
  • PSP Slim has been upgraded with an external video output.
  • The infra-red (IR) has been removed, because it was unused by Sony.
  • Possibility to charge battery via USB has been added.

Compatibility and Incompatibility[edit]

  • The UMD is still the main support for the games and video for the Slim.
  • The remote control of the Phat is not compatible with the Slim PSP due to the change of the audio output. The video is now supported so the plug is not the same.
  • The USB charging accessories won't have any effect on the Phat.
  • The already existing case do not fit the Slim who is moving into.
  • Up to date, the 1.50 kernel is incompatible with the Slim. However, the TimeMachine project allowed a Slim to boot to a full 1.50 firmware as long as the user has a Pandora Battery, and the Slim is upgraded to at least 3.90 M33-2.

Limited Edition PSP Slim & Lites[edit]

Daxter Entertainment Pack Contents. Top: Ice Silver PSP Second Row Left: Daxter UMD , Second Row Right: Family Guy UMD , Bottom Left: AC Adapter , Bottom Middle: Battery Pack , Bottom Right : 1 GB Memory Stick

Over time, there have been limited edition Slims that are usually sold at an inflated price. As with the Phat PSP, there has been limited edition Slims limited to different regions of the world.

North America Only Sales[edit]

There has been only 3 Slims released. The current Slims are the Daxter Entertainment Pack, the Star Wars Entertainment Pack, and the recently released God of War Entertainment Pack. The retail price for each is $200 + tax.

Daxter Entertainment Pack

The first initial release of the Slims in North America sold Daxter PSPs. Included with the bundle was a Ice Silver PSP with a Daxter UMD, the Family Guy : Freaking Sweet Collection, and a 1GB Memory Stick for usage.

Star Wars Entertainment Pack

Later on before the release of the Core Slim bundle, another entertainment pack was released. This bundle included a Ceramic White PSP with a silk-screened Darth Vader battery cover. Included in the pack also, was the Star Wars : Battlefront Squadron UMD.

God of War Entertainment Pack

Released in June 2008, the God of War PSP is a deep-red Slim with a silk-screened Kratos battery cover similar to the Darth Vader battery cover for the Stars Wars Pack. Included with the pack is the God of War: Chains of Olympus UMD, Superbad UMD, and a voucher to download Spyhon Filter: Combat Ops from the PSN.

Japan Only Sales[edit]

FF7 Crisis Slim.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis

Balancing the sales in North America, Japan was shipped with the Final Fantasy VII Crisis bundle. This included an Ice Sliver PSP with an engraving on the battery, and the FF7 UMD. In Addition, only 77,777 units were produced. The unit number was engraved on the UMD Door.

Deep Red

A deep red PSP has been released. It is not known if the PSP comes as a bundle or a Core package.

Star Ocean

A Felicia-blue PSP with an engrave. It is not known if the PSP what comes with the bundle.

Gundam Limited Edition

This PSP is a glossy red, and black matte surface with black buttons.

Mint Green

A Mint Green PSP. It is not known if the PSP comes as a bundle or a Core package.

Monster Hunter Portable

A Monster Hunter Portable Slim PSP has been announced and set to release on March 27, 2008. This was a "make-up" gift after SCEJ delayed their latest Monster Hunter Portable game. This includes a gold PSP Slim, with engraving, UMD case, pouch, strap, and Monster Hunter Portable game.



A yellow PSP possibly with an engraving. It is not known if the PSP comes as a bundle or Core pack.

United Kingdom[edit]

There is no limited edition PSP on sale yet. However, a ceramic white PSP is available.


File:PSPSimpsons Front.jpg
European Simpsons Slim.


Same as Gundam PSP sold in Japan.


Unlike the Simpsons release in Australia, this bundle includes a Yellow and White PSP, the Simpsons UMD and a blue font flashed in the XMB.

Crisis Core : Final Fantasy 7

Just like the pack released in Japan, Europe's shipment of FF7 Slims will include the CCFFVII UMD, and each will have its own special engraving on the back denoting the unit number.

Firmware Particularity[edit]

Firmware 3.60 Initial Firmware for PSP Slim

  • TV Output functionality.
  • TV tuner 1Seg support.

Firmware 3.70

  • Firmware 3.70 as added support for both Slim and Phat.
  • Added support for PlayStation Spot for PSP-1000/2000 consoles.
  • Support for PTF Themes.

Firmware 3.71

  • Security strengthening.
  • Ability to play music and view pictures at the same time while in the XMB.
  • [Scene Search] has been added under [Video]. This allows a user to search the current playing video in intervals of 15, 30 seconds, 1, 2 and 5 minute intervals depending on the length of the video.
  • [Assign Buttons] has been added in [Remote Play].
  • PlayStation Spot was removed from unnecessary PSPs. This feature is for Japan region PSPs only.

Firmware 3.72

  • More support for PSN titles has been expanded.
  • Ability to power on and power off PS3 consoles in [Remote Play].

Firmware 3.73

  • Operation of the UMD drive has been improved to address cases in which the UMD drive occasionally suspends and fails to reload data.

Firmware 3.80

  • Internet Radio has been added under [Network].
  • A new visualization for the Music Player has been added.
  • More support for PSN titles has been expanded.
  • Pictures can now be displayed in the RSS Channel section.
  • OPML format RSS channels can now be downloaded and viewed.

Firmware 3.90

Recently, firmware 3.90 added the Skype functionality only for the Slim, because the Phat doesn't have enough RAM. Currently, Skype is only available for PSP-20xx units.

  • Skype has been added under [Network].
  • Go!Messenger has been added under [Network]. The icon will only appear when on European PSPs. (Faking regions will work as well). However, with a hacked vshmain.prx file, it can be set to appear under any region. Also, when the icon is accessed, it can be used to download the software for Go! Messenger from the Internet.

Firmware 3.93

  • Skype has been added to all PSP-2000 (Japanese) Slims.
  • 20 new Internet Radio Channels has been added.
  • More support for PSN titles has been expanded.

Firmware 3.95

  • Remote Play can now be exited without the PS3 console being shutdown.
  • You can now assign a custom button configuration for PSX games.

Firmware 4.00

  • Google Search has been added under Network.
  • The speeds in which a video can be played can be adjusted.

Firmware 4.01

  • Bugfixes in the features released in 4.00.

Firmware 4.05

  • A new water visualizer has been added.

Firmware 5.00

  • The [PlayStation® Network] category has been added in the XMB Menu
  • The [PlayStation® Store] and [Account Management] are now available under the [PlayStation® Network] category
  • The Sleep Timer feature can now be used under [Music].
  • USB Auto-Connect added as a feature under [Settings]
  • The [Original] theme has been redesigned. (now uses PSP 3000 only colours too)