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The PSP-3000 is the third release of the Sony PSP.

The PSP-3000 is officially known as the PSP Slim & Lite (3000 Series) or nicknamed PSP Brite by the Homebrew community.

Release Dates[edit]

It was released on:

  • October 14, 2008 in North America.
  • October 15, 2008 in Europe.
  • October 16, 2008 in Japan and Australia.
  • October 17, 2008 in the UK .

Features and Changes[edit]

Here is a list of all KNOWN changes:

  • The LCD screen will have a wider color gamut and higher contrast ratio to deliver deeper, more vibrant colors, as well as anti-reflection technology so you can see the screen more clearly when playing outdoors. As you all know, the PSP’s screen is a key strength of the hardware, and this update adds an absolutely dazzling LCD screen to the handheld.
  • A built-in microphone allows for Skype calls and multi-player gaming communication directly from the hardware - eliminating the need for attaching a separate headset.
  • The design of the PSP-3000 is rounder than the Phat and the Slim.
  • The Start and Select buttons have been made into oval shapes unlike the previous semi-circle shapes. The silver ring on the back of the PSP is much thinner.
  • The PSP now supports interlaced TV-out via composite cable in PSP games.

Compatibility and Incompatibility[edit]

  • The UMD is still the main support for the games and video for the PSP-3000.
  • The PSP-3000 fits into a PSP-Slim case.
  • The Pandora Battery does not work on a PSP-3000. The PRE-Ipl exploit has been fixed.

PSP-3000 Bundles[edit]

The PSP-3000 4 GB Entertainment Pack.
Click for big image.

PSP-3000 4GB Entertainment Pack[edit]

Bundle contains:

  • Piano-black PSP
  • 4 GB Memory-stick Pro Duo
  • Download code for the game Everyday Shooter

Price: US$199
Release Date: October 15 2008

File:PSP-3000 Entertainment Pack.jpg
The PSP-3000 Entertainment Pack.
Click for big image.

PSP-3000 Entertainment Pack[edit]

Bundle contains:

  • Mystic Silver PSP
  • 1 GB Memory-stick Pro Duo
  • Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
  • National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets on UMD
  • Download code for Echocrome.

Price: US$199
Release Date: October 15 2008

File:Fifa09PSP3000 .jpg
The PSP-3000 + FIFA 09 Pack.
Click for big image.

PSP-3000 + FIFA 09/Lego Batman Pack[edit]

Bundle contains:

  • Piano-black PSP
  • FIFA 09/Lego Batman

Price: £149.99
Release Date: October 17 2008

The PSP-3000 Core Pack.
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PSP-3000 Core Pack[edit]

Bundle contains:

  • Black OR Silver PSP
  • Battery charger & Manuals

Price: US$169.99
Release Date: Unknown (Not out yet)

Firmware Particularity[edit]

Firmware 4.20 Initial Firmware for the PSP-3000

  • [Flicker Reduction] under the [Connected Display] menu in [Settings]
  • [Noise Reduction] under the [Connected Display] menu in [Settings]
  • [Color Space] under the [System Settings] menu in [Settings]

Firmware 5.00

  • The [PlayStation® Network] category has been added in the XMB Menu
  • The [PlayStation® Store] and [Account Management] are now available under the [PlayStation® Network] category
  • The Sleep Timer feature can now be used under [Music].
  • USB Auto-Connect added as a feature under [Settings]


Many PSP 3000 users have complained in numerous PSP and Gaming dedicated forums about the PSP 3000's LCD screen. The quality has been referred to as being sub-par with that of the PSP 1000 and 2000 due to visible interlacing scan lines. Sony Japan's response has stated that "Since this is caused by hardware characteristics, there is no plan to fix it with system software update."

File:10-21-08-psp-screen-comaro 540x206.jpg
Comparison of the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 screen.
Click for big image.

Some have speculated that in response to the ever increasing posts and articles suggesting that users are better off purchasing the PSP 2000, Sony has issued a silent recall of the PSP 3000. As of 24/10/2008 users in the PlayStation EU forums have noted that reference to the PSP-3000 has been removed from the PSP section of the official PlayStation EU site.

While on the US PlayStation website within the same section referring to the PSP hardware, a slight change to the wording of its description has take place. Previously stating "This system features an improved LCD screen with the widest color gamut" it now reads "'This system features an advanced LCD screen with the widest color gamut".


In addition, there are reports that advanced pre-orders of the "PSP 3000 Limited Edition 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack" have been suddenly cancelled by Amazon, with te information that it isn't available. This is the product we're talking about: