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Battery is based on NEC 78K0/KB1+ or NEC 78K0/KB2

16KB ROM, 768B RAM
Flash Model

Mapping of Serial on EEPROM[edit]

0xE 0xF (First 2 digits)
0x12 0x13 (Last 2 digits)

Endian swapped

Battery Model Listing[edit]

780102Н (phat)
A01V13M07G (slim)
A01V14N05G (slim can't write to eeprom)
16808C18SC (slim 3000)
17010016SC (slim 3000)
  • SSOP-30

Testpins (16808C18SC)[edit]

green RX
purple TX
blue FLMD
orange VDD
black VSS

Talking To Pandora[edit]

------ Start(Signature Read) ------
Device name: UPD78F0501
Device data:  10 7F 04 7C
Device end addr: 00003FFF
Security Flag: 0068
Boot Block Number: 003
Firmware Version: 2.00
Signature Read PASS
------ End(Signature Read) ------