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The VSH menu allows you to change around some options while in the XMB, without going all the way to the Recovery Menu.

M33 VSH Menu[edit]

Make sure that you have activated this feature through the Recovery Menu. Once activated, you can view this menu in XMB by pressing the 'Home' button (in 3.52M33) or 'SELECT' button (in 3.71M33 or above). You must have CFW 3.52 M33 or above to use this feature. This is built in feature, you don't have to download anything.

3.93CFW VSH Menu[edit]

Make sure that you have activated this feature through the Recovery Menu. Once activated, you can view this menu in XMB by pressing the 'SELECT' button.This is built in feature, you don't have to download anything. In 3.93CFW the VSH Menu is the same as the Recovery Menu, but some functions are disabled.

Alternative VSH Menu[edit]

There is also an Alternative VSHMenu by Red Squirrel which adds some options which are in the Recovery Menu. This has everything of the normal VSH menu with added stuff. This adds extra options, which are not found in the original one. But this you will have to download from here (this is the V4.2 version). The new version (v6.1) is available here

To install manually the v4.2 go in your language zone;eg. if you read English click on the 'ENG' folder, and copy the prx file to the folder in the root of your MS called seplugins. If you don't have one make one. Then create a text file called VSH.txt, and type the following in: 'ms0:/seplugins/vshmenu.prx'. Save it, then exit. Then enable it in the Recovery Menu, and press HOME, from there you can change the settings to suite you.

Flashing the Alternative VSH Menu[edit]

(Remember Flashing is dangerous and always make a backup; to do this simply copy and paste all the folders into a folder on the computer. Then if you brick you can access the Recovery Menu, and copy and paste them back.) To flash this plugin, because you have another plugin with the same text file and you don't want to lose that, then do the following:

On A Phat

  • Activate USB connection with the Flash0 of your PSP and connect PSP to PC.
  • Copy the files pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin from flash0:/kd/ into patch2flash folder (the same that contains this TXT which you're reading :P).

This (in every case, pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin must be in the same folder of Patch.bat file!!!)

  • Execute Patch.bat file (double click on it).
  • Wait some moments.
  • When backup files (pspbtjnf.bin.bak, ecc...) appear, copy /patch2flash/pspbtjnf.bin, /patch2flash/pspbtlnf.bin and /patch2flash/pspbtknf.bin patched files to your Flash0, overwriting the existings.
  • Copy vshmenu.prx in flash0:/kd/ folder.
  • Disconnect your PSP from PC and reboot it.
  • All done!

On A Slim

  • Activate USB Connection.
  • Copy the following files: 'pspbtjnf_02g.bin', 'pspbtlnf_02g.bin', and 'pspbtknf_02g.bin' from flash0:/kd/ into the 'Patch2flash' folder.
  • Rename each file eliminating the '_02g' part of the file name. This will make them 'pspbtjnf.bin', 'pspbtlnf.bin', and 'pspbtknf.bin' respectively.
  • Run the Patch.bat file.
  • When the backup files are created, rename the original files to 'pspbtjnf_02g.bin', 'pspbtlnf_02g.bin', and 'pspbtknf_02g.bin'.
  • when done, flash those three files back to flash0:/kd/.
  • Copy 'vshmenu.prx' file from the download to flash0:/kd/.
  • Disconnect PSP from USB Mode, and reboot into recovery.
  • Disable the Alternative VshMenu if installed as a VshMenu plugin.
  • OPTIONAL: Disable the M33 VshMenu.
  • Exit and reboot. Call up the Alternative VshMenu by HOME (Default).

Note: In either way, you can disable the M33 VshMenu and change the Alternative VshMenu hotkey to SELECT so as if you actually replaced the original VshMenu. Also, make sure to keep up with the latest version of Alternative VshMenu to get bugs fixed, and to solve issues in which can have disastrous effects on your PSP.

Original VSH Menu Features[edit]

CPU Clock XMB[edit]

This allows to change the CPU and memory speed within the XMB. You can change it from Default to 333.

CPU Clock GAME[edit]

This allows to change the CPU and memory speed within GAMES. You can change it from Default to 333.

USB Device[edit]

This allows access through the USB connection to your Memory Stick, Flash memory banks and UMD Disc.

UMD ISO Mode[edit]

The driver used to start your ISO backups: currently available modes are Normal, M33 driver, Sony NP9660, and OE isofs, and their purpose is to provide the user with wider compatibility with various games.

ISO Video Mount[edit]

Chooses with ISO video to mount for play.

Reset Device[edit]

Only present on 3.71 M33 and above. This will reset the settings of the VSH menu in case you messed too much with them.


Exits the vshMenu and turns control back to the XMB. Can also be selected by pressing HOME or SELECT.

Additional Alternative Menu only features[edit]

Menu Colour[edit]

Can change the colour of the Alternative VSH Menu.

Shut down PSP[edit]

Can Shut down the PSP.

Sleep PSP[edit]

Can put the PSP into sleep mode.

Reboot PSP[edit]

Can reboot the PSP.

Pic1.png and Pic0.png[edit]

Can enable or disable this setting., will not show background pictures when accessing games on the XMB. This speeds things up.

Game Kernel (Phat Only)[edit]

Can change the kernels between 3xx and 1.50.

M33 Network Update[edit]

Can enable or disable this setting, will update your firmware through the M33 Network or will just go through Sony.

USB Charge (Slim Only)[edit]

Can enable or disable, will charge your PSP with a USB attached.

Hide MAC address[edit]

Can hide the MAC address in System Information page

M33 VSH Menu[edit]

If you want to enable or disable this setting. If you want to keep the M33 VSH Menu or not.

CXMB Plugin[edit]

Can enable or disable CXMB plugin directly from the VSHMenu.

Screen Shot[edit]

If you want to enable or disable this setting. Can take a screen shot of the XMB.

VSH Menu Key[edit]

Can change how you access the Alternative VSH Menu. Can vary from HOME to R + note.

Screenshot Key[edit]

Can change how you take a screenshot of the XMB. Can vary from SELECT to L + note.

3.93CFW/3.95GEN VSH Menu Features[edit]

Toggle USB[edit]

Turn the USB Mode on or off


Skip Sony Logo - Skips the Start-up video and sound.

Hide corrupt icons - Hides corrupt data files that show under Game Menu.

Game folder homebrew - Lets you change the kernel for the /PSP/GAME folder between 1.50 and 3.xx kernels.

Autorun program at /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP - This allows you to boot up a homebrew application on start up rather then the XMB itself.

UMD Mode - This allows the emulation of UMD's using different drivers. (Enabling a driver allows you to play ISO/CSO games with no UMD in the Bay)

Fake Region - Lets you set a fake region on your PSP.

Free UMD Region - Enabling this will allow you to play all region UMD in the UMD Bay.

Hard Reset on Homebrew - When exiting Homebrew the PSP will turn off instead of booting to the XMB.

Use VshMenu - Enabling this will enable the VhsMenu which you can access in normal XMB mode by pressing the HOME button for 3.52 M33 (Select Button on 3.71 M33 or above). This allows you to change some of the settings without entering recovery mode. (CPU Clock speed Xmb/Game, USB Device, UMD MODE and ISO Video mount)

XMB Usb Device - This lets you change what the USB access when in XMB. (memory stick/flash 0,1,2,3/UMD Disc)

Charge Battery when USB cable plugged - This allows the PSP to charge whenever the PSP Slim is connected using USB.

Use M33 network update(3.80 M33 or lastest cf) - Network update from dark-alex.org page.This allows easy update of your custom firmware through wi-fi.

Hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG in game menu(3.80 M33-5 or latest) - when on This allows faster browse in XMB games.This setting only applies to any kind of apps/games (pbp, iso) that load from MS, but not to UMD’s.

Hide mac in system settings This functions setys your MAC to 00:00 etc. in System Settings.

Save DATA GAME in PLAIN format too Does what is says

Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP[edit]

Recovery Menu function for unbricking PSP


  • Set USB Mode
  • Format Flash 1 (DISABLED)
  • Make Pandora battery
  • Make NORMAL Battery
  • Read battery EEPROM

Advanced Configuration[edit]

  • Plain modules in UMD/ISO
  • Execute BOOT.BIN in umd/iso

CPU Speed[edit]

Change CPU speed in XMB and UMD/ISO


Enable plugins on your Memory Stick

Registry Hacks[edit]

Enable Flash Player and WMA

Reset Device[edit]

Reset settings

Shutdown Device[edit]

Full shutdown

Suspend Device[edit]

Standby Mode

Exit to VSH[edit]

Back to XMB