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JigKick (also widely named Pandora) Battery is a PSP battery with its serial number changed to 0xFFFFFFFF. When such a battery is inserted, the PSP boots in Service Mode and so the PRE-IPL launches the IPL from sector 16 on the physical drive (the Magic Memory Stick) instead of the NAND.

Sony's patches[edit]

PRE-IPL patch in new Tachyon revisions[edit]

As time went on, Slim PSPs with different revisions of the TA-088 motherboard have been released, and are confirmed to be Pandora-proof. The TA-088v2 first reported being shipped with Slims in the Asia continent, had a patched Tachyon that disabled the loading of all current Pandora IPL, but however did not defeat the loading of custom firmware IPLs. The ability to flash CFW via Despertar Del Cementerio has been fixed with v6 which uses a new kernel, therefore allowing Pandora Battery to work on TA-088v2.

A third revision of the TA-088 came weeks after v2. Dubbed the TA-088v3, this motherboard is completely Pandora-proof as discovered by Silverspring. Sony has patched Pandora Battery by updating PRE-IPL in newer Tachyon revisions (0x00600000 and newer).

Source: TA-088v2 report on 14-07-2008

Explanation: explanation on 03-08-2008

The PSP-2000 version of the TA-090 (v1) motherboard is hackable with Pandora Battery. However, with the PSP-3000 version of the TA-090 (v2 and v3), Pandora Battery does not even turn on the PSP.

Battery EEPROM write access patch in new motherboards[edit]

The new PSP Slim motherboards (TA085v2 and newer) can not write to the battery EEPROM at all because Sony disabled it, therefore you have to use the hardware mod way to make a Pandora battery.

Battery EEPROM write access patch in new batteries[edit]

Reported by Fanjita on 24-09-2007. [1]

Any new battery which is official (including Fat and Slim) and all fake batteries cannot be converted into a Pandora Battery. So the advice is to buy a new one and use the original one as a Pandora Battery. This is ideal because a Pandora Battery can do lots of useful things like run the Time Machine and along with a Magic Memory Stick you can unbrick, downgrade any supported PSP. Or you can just use the original one and convert it back to a normal battery, if you don't want to spend any money. You can also buy a Datel Tool Battery. This is the same as an "original" JigKick Battery. But, even if you have a Datel Tool Battery, you still have to make a Magic Memory Stick.

Converting a normal battery to JigKick[edit]

You can either Hardmod a battery or Softmod it.

Hardmod is when you you make a JigKick Battery by opening it up and and removing a pin, this can be done to ANY battery.

Softmod is when you make a JigKick Battery by using a program. But it has to be suitable. New Batteries cannot be softmodded.


For this you will need a spare compatible battery and a PSP on FW 1.50 or on a CFW eg. 3.80 M33 with 1.50 Kernel addon. You wil first need a Pandorable-by-software battery (see list).

Pandorable-by-software batteries[edit]


   Sony Slim "standard" Li-ion 1200 mAh
   Sony "standard" Li-ion 1800 mAh
   Sony PSP-280 2200mAh
   Datel, PSP Battery 3600 mAh (X2)
   Datel, PSP Battery 1800 Max Power
   Datel, PSP Battery GO MAX (Model # GM1000, uses AAA batteries) note: If you remove the batteries, it resets the serial back to all 0's

Not working:

   3.6v 3600 mAh Battery Pack (Silver letters) (Model PSP-360) (Fake)
   2600 mAh Mega Battery Pack (Fake)
   Atomic Battery Pack 3.6V 1800mAh
   Sony PSP-280 2200mAh (Fake)
   Sony PSP Bloc-Battery pack 3.6v 1800 mAh
   Battery 3600mAh, unknown brand, (china made model NK-RH008) (Fake)
   Battery Pack, unknown brand, (lithium) 3.6v 3600 mAH (Fake)
   Intec 1800 mAh Li-ion
   Intec 2200 mAh
   UltraLast e-Boost 3.7v 2200mAh Li-PO battery

There is now a method that will enable users of CFW above 3.71 M33 which does not automatically have the 1.50 firmware kernel, or for those who are on Slim PSP), to create a Pandora battery, by interfacing directly with the PSP's Syscon chip. This method uses code by SilverSpring, and can be found here???.


  • A Pandorable battery (spare if possible). Check if it is pandorable in the list below.
  • An homebrew capable PSP: on FW 1.50, or any CFW with the 1.50 Kernel addon, or a homebrew-enabled PSP.
  • A Pandora installer software:
    • Pandora's Battery Creator (taken from N00bz)
    • Cory149's tool (taken from Max Console)

Installer software[edit]

Original Pandora's Battery creator[edit]

The original Pandora's Battery creator only for suitable FAT batteries. However, other alternatives such as the UPMS Installer, Hellcat's Pandora Installer for 3.xx kernels, can convert a Slim battery to Service Mode successfully. Download pandora files; battery files included in it, only works on 1.50 or CFW with 1.50 kernel.

Cory149's tool[edit]

Cory149's tool which can even convert some old SLIM and FAT suitable batteries.


   First make sure you have the requirements, then download the software depending on what firmware you are on.
   If you are on 1.50/CFW with 1.50 kernel download the Pandora files; which can convert only FAT batteries, since it only works on FAT PSPs. However, the alternative options for Slims are available.
   If on CFW with no 1.50 kernel download Cory149's tool, which can convert all batteries, and works on both FAT and SLIM PSPs, only on CFW.
   Whichever one downloaded put it in the GAME folder, but you will have to change your kernel depending on what you downloaded.
   If you downloaded the Cory149's tool, make sure it is set to 3.xx kernel.
   If you downloaded the Pandora tools then make sure it is set to 1.50 kernel.
   Run it on the XMB with the battery and Press triangle if you plan to make use it for normal use again.
   Then go back on the program and press X to convert to Pandora's Battery.
   If successful, take it out and plug it back in with no MS, (or an MS that has an IPL that cannot boot with a Pandora Battery) the screen will stay blank.


For this method, you will have to open up your battery, and maybe need some soldering skills, and guts. If you aren't sure about what to do, the best thing to use is a Datel Tool Battery.


  • An extra PSP Battery
  • A knife / screwdriver
  • Soldering equipment (to prevent shorting and to revert battery)

Making the JigKick Battery with a FAT PSP battery[edit]

You also can use a Datel Tool Battery to use (YOU STILL HAVE TO MAKE A MAGIC MEMORY STICK IF YOU USE DATEL TOOL!)

1. Open the extra battery with a knife or a screwdriver. Do not slide the tool all the way into the battery or you will run the risk of shorting it.


2. Remove the top of the battery. (Or swing the case open)


3. Remove (or disconnect) the leg of the chip next to the word C04, IC104, or IC04. This is better to do this with a knife. Once again, be careful not to touch the other objects as you can short it. You can always iron the leg back on if you want. (Requires soldering tools. Also, soldering is easier to do if the leg is still attached to the board, but not in it.


If successful, take it out and plug it back in with no MS, the screen should stay blank. Also, the power light will automatically come on. However, if not, you may have shorted the battery or it needs a charge.

Making the JigKick Battery with a SLIM PSP battery[edit]

There are two methods of Hardmodding a SLIM PSP battery into a JigKick (which will be referred to as "Blue Square" or "Red Circle" as indicated by the picture).


Red Circle[edit]

1. Open the extra battery with a knife or a screwdriver.

2. Remove the top of the battery, and pull back the motherboard

3. Remove the leg indicated by the red circle (Farthest left, as shown), it is better do this by soldering it!

4. Fold the motherboard back down, and replace the top of the battery. Scotch tape works perfectly to hold the battery together

5. If you want to turn it back into a normal battery, re-solder the leg down

Blue Square[edit]

1. Open the extra battery with a knife or a screwdriver.

2. Remove the top of the battery, and pull back the motherboard

3. Scrape away part of the trace (Preferably perpendicular to) indicated by the blue square

4. Fold the motherboard back down, and replace the top of the battery. Scotch tape works perfectly to hold the battery together

5. If you want to turn it back into a normal battery, simply use a pencil to fill in where you cut the trace

If successful, place the battery into the PSP without a Memory Stick inserted. The PSP should boot automatically with the screen staying blank.

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