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Maintaining a Wiki is not a hard job, the contributors add the information and the server admin keeps the software up to date and does all the other admining stuff. However running a server cost's money as does buying a domain, which is why I(GregoryRasputin) ask for donations, i want to see the Wiki's live on for future generations to look back too as reference, for young aspiring developers or reverse engineers to look to and see how things were back in a time when hacking a console was fun and was more focused on Homebrew, to make the Wiki live on for as long as humanly possible donations are needed.

Saying that donations are not compulsory, nor required, the links are provided so that you can choose to donate if you wish to and only if you have spare change, i do not want anyone donating more than a maximum of $3.
So if you want to donate, you can do so via the methods below.
Bitcoin - 1QKKvUcJwgLivu8JhzDAsHL5yJ4djN4axL
Buy Me A Ko-Fi