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= Manuals/Info =
= Manuals/Info =

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Update Structure

Offset Size Description Notes
0x0 u32 MAGIC "CpUp"
0x4 u32 Version
0x10 u32 Unknown, always 0x01000000 Probably Entrypoint or type
0x14 u32 Full CPUP size Always % 0x10 = 0
0x18 u32 Payload/data start address Always 0x20
0x1C u32 Extracted/decrypted CPUP size



CPU: http://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/efe99265d2b83da3bfce2e77e1aae1fafb760fae/s19686ej4v0ds00_s_ds_e.pdf

eMMC: https://datasheet.iiic.cc/datasheets-0/samsung/KLM2G1DEHE-B101.pdf

CPU (extra): https://www.rockbox.org/wiki/EmmaMobile1