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The IDPS (called ConsoleId on PSVita) is a 16 bytes value that contains console specific information.
See [https://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/IDPS IDPS].
We are able to derive exact [[PSCode]] from ConsoleId. See also [[SKU_Models|Vita SKU Model]].
= How to get the IDPS of a PSVita ? =
== With a PSVita HEN ==
Install VitaCID by Major_Tom (aka tomtomdu80): [https://github.com/tomtomdu80/VitaCID/releases[link]]
Follow the instructions. A file CID.bin is created on the path: ux0:CID.bin. The IDPS of your PSVita is the 16 first bytes of CID.bin.
Install PSV IDPS Dumper by Yoti (aka RealYoti): [https://github.com/Yoti/psv_idpsdump/releases[link]]
== With an ePSP CFW ==
The PSVita and its PSP Emulator share the same IDPS. You can grab the IDPS directly from the PSP Emulator using a PSP homebrew which reads PSP IDPS (requires an ePSP kexploit) like [https://github.com/Yoti/psp_idpsdump psp_idpsdump].
This homebrew reads IDPS from [[IdStorage]].

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