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What is PSSE?

PSSE Stands for PlayStation Suite Encrypted, its an encryption layer that encrypts a PSM game's filesystem, its comparable to PFS in alot of ways, however it seems there was a bug at sony where besides executable files, the first directory level of a PSM app is not encrypted with PSSE, its only directory levels below the root of RO/

also PSM SaveData does not get PSSE Encryption applied.

Data Structure

offset value description
0x00 0x50535345 (ASCII "PSSE") Magic Number / File Header
0x14 CONTENT_ID Contents of /RW/System/content_id
0x40 Signature Generated by PSMSDK 'publisher key'? - Similar to sce_sys/clearsign file of NpDrm-Encrypted apps
0x180 Encrypted Keys Generated by PSMSDK 'app key' and 'app seed'? - Similar to sce_sys/keystone file of NpDrm-Encrypted apps
0x680 Encrypted Data Actual cipher-text for the encrypted file


PSSE Can be decrypted using the plugin by SilicaAndPina