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There are two kinds of PS VITA package files (.pkg):

1. PS VITA Content Packages (.pkg)

2. PS VITA System Packages (.pkg)

Content Packages[edit]

Content PKG Keys[edit]

See Keys#Content_PKG_Keys.

Debug and Retail v1.0 (not the actual ones) PS VITA Game Package files (.pkg) can be decrypted & extracted using the "PS VITA .pkg xTractor"


A picture showing the unpacked game .pkg structure: PKGdirstruct.png

See also: System_File_Object_(SFO)_(PSF), Keys and PKG type

Firmware Packages[edit]

PSVita Firmware Package files (.pkg) are inside Playstation Update Package (.PUP).

Those packages can not be decrypted, yet.


Bytes are in Little Endian.

typedef struct {
    unint32_t type;          /*type of pkg. must be 0x3 (Offset 0x04)*/
    unint64_t unknown;       /*unknown but static       (Offset 0x08)*/
    unint64_t hdr_size;      /*header size              (Offset 0x10)*/
    unint64_t content_size;  /*package content size     (Offset 0x18)*/
    unint64_t size;          /*package size             (Offset 0x20)*/
} s_pkg;