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There are two kinds of PS VITA package files (.pkg):

1. PS VITA Content Packages (.pkg)

2. PS VITA System Packages (.pkg)

Content Packages

Content PKG Keys

See Keys#Content_PKG_Keys.

Debug and Retail v1.0 (not the actual ones) PS VITA Game Package files (.pkg) can be decrypted & extracted using the "PS VITA .pkg xTractor"


A picture showing the unpacked game .pkg structure: PKGdirstruct.png

See also: System_File_Object_(SFO)_(PSF), Keys and PKG type

Firmware Packages

PSVita Firmware Package files (.pkg) are inside Playstation Update Package (.PUP).

Those packages can not be decrypted, yet.


Bytes are in Little Endian.

typedef struct {
    unint32_t type;          /*type of pkg. must be 0x3 (Offset 0x04)*/
    unint64_t unknown;       /*unknown but static       (Offset 0x08)*/
    unint64_t hdr_size;      /*header size              (Offset 0x10)*/
    unint64_t content_size;  /*package content size     (Offset 0x18)*/
    unint64_t size;          /*package size             (Offset 0x20)*/
} s_pkg;