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What is PlayStation Mobile

PlayStation Mobile was a Software Framework that could run games that where cross-compatible with PlayStation Vita and Some Select Sony-Made android devices (was later hacked to run on all android devices) Applications where programmed in C#, and ran in a Mono VM, unlike the PSVita however it was a pretty open platform where basically anyone could sign up and create a game for PSM and have it published on the PlayStation Store, for Vita, and Android users to play,

The service was started on October 3, 2012, and it ran until July 16 2015 when the PlayStation Store page for it was taken offline, sony ended the ability to download PSM games via the download list on September 10, 2015 and it became impossible to activate PSM features via PSN Settings after February 29, 2016, where the only way you would be able to run PlayStation Mobile software was if you allready have your console activated and PSM games still downloaded,

On 15 Oct 2017 developer frangarcj released NoPsmDrm that could bypass the Copy Protection on PlayStation Mobile software, by creating a fake license.rif file, in order for this to work someone must have a working copy of the PlayStation Mobile software in question, and then they can use NoPsmDrm to generate a fake license and allow anyone to use that software on there PlayStation vita,