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-- Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-B --

-- for PSVita 1.81 --

-- by Total_Noob --

INFO: I am sorry those guys, who couldn't download the exploit game yet. In the EU Store it has been already removed.

     Those who leaked the Exploit name are idiots who just hurt the scene, not me. I just do my best, it's not my fault that they do such damn acts.

- Changelog CEF 6.60 TN-B

 * Added more patches to get higher games compatibility.
 * Fixed bug that makes incompatibility with some games.
   (this also fixes bug that freezes your PSVita when you return from PSVita Menu to the backup game or when you resume the device).
 * Set CPU speed to 333 (experimental, not tested yet).
 * Removed hardcoded offsets and savedata path (makes porting CEF very easily).
 * FAKE.ISO is not needed anymore.
 * Forge "." and ".." entries in directories, because the PSPEmu does not read them.
   This increases compatibility with many homebrews.

- Changelog TN Menu 0.2 (bugs here will be fixed later, I just focused on CEF bugs)

 * Added ability to move backup games to ms0:/ISO (by pressing X on the game).
 * Added ability to load purchased PSN games.
 * In the progress bar now it shows the speed instead of the past seconds.
 * Added configuration menu (show it by pressing []).
 * Using ISO/CSO reader by Takka.
 * Added memory free space.