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PSVITA PCH-1101 Wireless card
ZOE_MP wireless card with EMI shields
ZOE_MP measurement
ZOE_MP wireless card
Antenna Position (PCH-1100)
Antenna Position (PCH-2000)

Wireless card[edit]

ZOE_MP wireless card backside
Model Board Modem SDRAM Antenna Switch Module
[] Qualcomm MDM6200 [] Toshiba TY890A111222KA
[] Sony CXM3555ER
--- --- --- --- ---
ZOE_MP wireless card frontside
Model Board Power Management Power Amplifier Module Power Amplifier Module Power Amplifier Module Power Amplifier Module Power Amplifier Module SAW Duplexer
[] Qualcomm PM8028 [] Avago ACPM-7868
GSM850/900 bands
DCS1800/PCS1900 bands
[] Avago ACPM-5001
UMTS band: 1
CDMA band: 6
[] Avago ACPM-5008
UMTS band: 8
[] Avago ACPM-5002
UMTS band: 2
[] Avago ACPM-5005
UMTS band: 5
[] Epcos 7964
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

On motherboard backside, there are a Marvell 88W878S-BKB2 Avastar WLAN/Bluetooth/FM Single-Chip SoC.

Point Of Interest: On early manufactured Stock Keeping Units (mostly with release firmware such as 1.06) there is a known issue with faulty 3G sub boards. For more information on how to remedy check the errors page: C2-9693-7.


Mobile Data Modem[edit]

Qualcomm Gobi is a family of embedded mobile broadband modem products by Qualcomm. One of the more notable products that contain a Gobi modem is the PSVita, which contains a MDM6200™ (note:the MDM6600 got closer specs than the MDM6270).

Individual Chipsets IMT-2000 Modem Peak Data Rates Application Processor Voice GPS USB Wifi
MDM6200 3G HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE Up to 14Mbps No Yes gpsOneGen 8 with GLONASS USB 2.0 HS Peripheral or Host Supported with External Wifi

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Bluetooth.png Bluetooth[edit]


WiFi.png WiFi[edit]

Module based on Marvell SD8787. Firmware in wlanbt_robin_img_ax.skprx starting at offset 305.